2023 Trail Running Race List in Japan

Many races were revived and held in 2022 while keeping up with Covid, weren't they?
I think the trend for 2023 is
  • Increase in the number of long races in various regions
  • Revision of the timing of races (e.g. Okushinano 100, Okumikawa, etc.) (e.g. Okushinano 100, Okumikawa, etc.)
  • Increase in the number of races to be held → More races cancelled due to insufficient number of participants
  • Those aiming for UTMB are going abroad to collect “Running Stones

What trailrunning races in Japan are scheduled to take place in 2023?

ITRA points are no longer required just to compete in UTMF (ULTRA-TRAIL Mt.FUJI).
Continuing from last year, you can now check if a race is eligible for "UTMB World Series Qualifier Points".
We have also added links to the official websites of each race, as well as the areas where the races are held.
*The table can be scrolled horizontally.
*You can go to each official site from the race link.
I am planning to run UTMF2023, Minakami Trail (100K), Okumusashi Long Trail (100K), and ONTAKE (100K) 💪.

What trailrunning races in Japan have already been cancelled or postponed?

Some races are still being cancelled due to Covid... 😢.